Tracking and fixing reported faults as per agreed SLA

Providing emergency releases whenever appropriate

Propagating the fix to other supported versions
Assistance in use of the software

Technical assistance

Set-up/Configuration assistance
Bug fixes for defects or malfunctions that occur and non-conforming of the functions stipulated in the Functional Requirement Specifications

Minor changes in software for dot release
Summary information about all faults fixed in various versions
Interim (Minor) Release: When it becomes necessary to correct faults detected on a released version, fixes are made to the base version. This modified version is installed as a minor release, which by definition does not contain any functional enhancements. Minor releases are planned by the Principal and made available periodically. According to general policy, underlying environmental software required for the run time is not changed in this release. A minor release completely supersedes previous minor and emergency releases and all customers are expected to upgrade their versions to the latest release.

Major (Enhancement) Release: A major release represents significant functional and/or technical changes in the proposed systems. Unlike with a minor release, a customer is not required to upgrade to the next enhancement release. Planned by product management, major releases would involve some incremental cost for the customers when major new modules are added to the product.

Emergency Release: When a software fault prevents the system from operating correctly, a fix (patch) is made available as an emergency release. Such action may also be necessary when certain enhancements are urgently needed in order to comply with external regulatory requirements. An emergency release has following characteristics:
1. It is supplied only to the site that reported the problem. Other sites will get the fix along with the minor (maintenance) release in which the fault is fixed.
2. It addresses only the critical problem in question.
3. The emergency fix is temporary in nature and will be replaced by the next maintenance release.
There is also a Warranty Period of 1 year for the proposed solution, which will commence immediately after the date of User Acceptance Test Sign-Off. The vendor also warrants that the components supplied and installed is in accordance with this proposal shall be free of any defects and malfunction for a period specified as per the Warranty Period (1 year). Any defects caused by the mis-configuration and coding errors uncovered during this Warranty Period shall be immediately responded to and resolved free of charge. Beyond this Warranty Period, the solution is required to be covered by an active Maintenance Agreement to be signed between the client and the vendor.
Maintenance support:
24hr x 7 days

Contact us:
via email, voice calls and physically on-site

On-site support is provided whenever support cannot be provided via the phone or there is a bug fix.