Smart Campus Administration System (sCAS)



Smart and Effective Campus Administration is an essential aspect of a successfully running educational institution. A proper campus management & administration procedure ensures that all campus related admin activities are run smoothly and the primary users (students, staff) are satisfied with the quality of services.

In recent years, with the increasing service set and complexity of educational campuses, campus administration has become a difficult area of service for local schools, colleges and universities, and has been subject to many issues/complaints & shortcomings:

  • Improper organization and database management of staff and students
  • Limited access control for different kinds of staff
  • Legacy, disorganized and manual fees management procedures
  • Lack of robust and easy to use management reports
  • No electronic backup or quick access to important student records and documents
  • No proper reliable channels between staff and students
  • Delay/inability to provide visa processing information electronically


What is a Smart Campus Administration System (sCAS)?

This is a holistic software package which helps to facilitate various campus administration activities by staff and also allows for easy, relevant updates to students


Why have a SVMS in your education institute?

  • Easy staff and staff roles administration
  • Organized electronic students information database
  • E-record keeping for all students
  • Online fee and updates management
  • Visa application and status update tracking
  • Convenient channel of updates and communication between staff and students
  • Hassle-free management reporting
  • Academic staff management
  • Manage agents and strategic partners for the educational institution
  • System activity reporting
  • Staff leave management


Target Market



Staff User Management



  • Admin Staff Database Management
  • Academic Staff Database Management
  • Activate/De-activate Staff
  • Roles & Privileges Management
  • Staff-Manager Assignments
  • Staff Department Management

Student Data Management


  • Student Database Management
  • Student Info View + Edit
  • Student Status Management



Student Records Management


  • Student Electronic (Softcopy) Records Management
  • Records Information Editing
  • Student Record Uploads
  • Student Record Downloads

Management Reporting

  • Reports & Data Visualizations
  • Data Filtration
  • Data Sorting
  • Data Exports to PDF & Excel



Fees Management

  • View Student Fees Information
  • Edit & Add Student Fee Details
  • Print Fee Statements
  • Automatic Calculations
  • Custom Notes in Fee Statements

Visa Management

  • Visa status updates by staff
  • Visa status tracking
  • Visa process notifications & expiry alerts
  • Visa application workflow
  • Up to date visa information
  • Dependent visa information
  • Visa supporting document repository
  • Reporting
  • EMGS visa tracking (Coming Soon



Leave Management

  • Leave Calendar
  • Leave Entitlement Templates
  • Unlimited Leave Types support
  • Robust Leave Configurations
  • Leave Applications Online
  • Leave Approval Workflows
  • Email Application Integration
  • Leave Reporting & Dashboard

Agent Management

  • Agent Registration Flow
  • Agent Info Management
  • Agent Activation / Deactivation
  • Student Referrals Management
  • Referral Approvals & Rejections
  • Manage Agent Commission Claims




  • System Communication
  • Message Individual Users
  • Message Groups
  • Compose Messages
  • Messages Outbox
  • Messages Inbox

Activity Logging

  • Detailed User Activity Tracking
  • Track by Time Range
  • Track by User
  • Track by Department



Student Profiles

  • Student Profile Management
  • Messaging
  • Visa Application Tracking
  • Fee Information Access
  • Academic Info Access
  • Confirmation Letter Access


  • Secure Software
  • System Notifications
  • Email Notifications
  • Semester Management
  • Courses Management
  • System Settings