Technical Support

Support Road Map (Office Hours)




Support Road Map (After Office Hours)




Response Time and Service Level Agreement

Support Hours

Critical business system is stopped or lost (total outage) and there is no workaround to achieve business continuity.

Vendor’s response time (on site): 2 hours

Vendor’s response time (remote): Immediately
A system is not functioning or running slow. As a result of which client’s work is stopped or so severely impacted that the client cannot continue his/her work.

Vendor’s response time (on site): 4 hours

Vendor’s response time (remote): 1 hour
Client’s work is continuing (not stopped); however, there is a serious impact on client’s productivity and/or service levels.

Vendor’s response time (on site): 24 hours

Vendor’s response time (remote): During working hours.
Systems, sub-systems or components are not usable or hampered but that is not critical to business operations of the client and the client is able to perform normal business operations.

Vendor’s response time (on site): 48 hours

Vendor’s response time (remote): During working hours.
Vendor’s response time (on site): General usage questions will be addressed within two days and treated with a lower priority

Vendor’s response time (remote): During working hours.
Mon – Fri (except public holidays):
9.30 am – 6.00 pm

After working hours:
Daily till 12.00 am
(depending on severity of the problem)